Researcher / Designer

Sam Bennett is a Brooklyn-based maker, ethnographer, and designer with expertise in the fields of space, materials, and objects. She believes in slow research that minimally impacts our planet and advocates for human and animal well-being. Incredibly curious and filled with questions, you can find her:

researching people’s relationships to the built environment through objects and maintenance.

repairing meaningful artifacts and hosting workshops globally as one-half of Repair Shop.

re-imagining the critique and running the creative feedback collective Clever/Slice.

pursuing special projects that are joyful.

reluctantly writing about her work.

teaching at Parsons School of Design.
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Capstone Research + Writing

Defining Place
Ethnograpy + Design
Interior Design Studio

Making Meaningful Things
Materials + Performance

Textiles Lab

Aardvark Interiors
Brooklyn Public Library
Colony Co-op
Healthy Materials Lab

Masterson NYC
Martha Stewart Living
New York Public Library

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