Researcher / Designer

biofabricated and discarded materials and repair

Growth and Decay
What if our objects lasted only as long as we do?  With this question in mind, I grow objects with mycelium and waste materials from agriculture and the textile industry.  I also experiment with biodegradable molds and releasing agents.

Discard / Derive
I set out to make things, out of old things. It seemed simple enough. To study something deeply and see what can happen. To make something new from the discarded.  Can I take the discards of human consumption and transform it into usable material, without using anything but that material?  You can learn more about my explorations at The Dilemma of a Designer.

Darning + Kintsugi
As a new year’s resolution I set out to examine what I have and understand how it’s made. If I’m overcome with wanting something, instead make it, repair it, rent it, and reinvent it with my own hands.  This year ended up being a year of repair.

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