Trick To Trimming Candlesticks

Trick To Trimming Candlesticks // Sam I Am I Do.My best friend always lights candles before dinner, even during the most casual of occasions.  I didn’t realize how instantly dreamy dinner can become over candle light.  Definitely a “duh” moment for me.

So I recently purchased some vintage candlestick holders and found some beeswax candles at the Greenmarket.  Of course the candles and candlestick holders were not a perfect fit.  After a little research, I found that a vegetable peeler is a great way to accurately trim the base of a candle stick.  Simply shave the candlestick base by rotating the candle in your hand.  Be sure to check as you go!

A few other tips:

-If the candlestick is trimmed too much, warm the wax shavings in your hand and adhere back to the candlestick base.

-If the candle is too small to begin with, tape wrapped around the base of the candle can help.

-If the candle is too tall, cut the candlestick base with some plant shears.  This works better than a kitchen knife, because the shears use even pressure in two directions, rather than one.

p.s.  I’ve always liked these candlestick holders:


And I really want to order some of these beeswax candlesticks from Kansas City!

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