The Matador // The Torero

A Matador // Sam I Am I Do

A Matador, Édouard Manet, 1866-67.

One of my favorite paintings at The Met is Édouard Manet’s A Matador.  Although I can’t overlook the truth of bullfighting, I can’t help but be infatuated with the costumes, the movement, and the nostalgia of it.  Toreros remind me of dancers, with their strength contrasting with their fragility, along with their grand sweeps and precise gestures.  But the Traje de Luces (Suit of Lights) is what really gets me.  Their elaborate outfits have only slightly evolved for the past 170 years, and only a handful of tailors make them in Spain.

Christian Gaillard // Sam I Am I Do

Christian Gaillard Painting.

Traje de Luces Detail // Sam I Am I Do

Matador Prayer Card // Sam I Am I Do

A torero places the matador prayer card inside his jacket,

An Admirer // Sam I Am I Do

Vogue, 1955.

Waiting // Sam I Am I Do

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century

Torero // Sam I Am I Do

Ruven Afanador, Torero Series – Mariano Del Olmo, Mexico City, Mexico, 2001

Ernest Hemingway with Luis Miguel Dominguin // Sam I Am I Do

Ernest Hemingway with Luis Miguel Dominguin.

Manolete // Sam I Am I Do

Manolete, one of the greatest bullfighters of all time.

Pressing Against the Wall // Sam I Am I Do

Ruven Afanador, Miguel de Las Penas Luque, Madrid, Spain, 2001..


An interesting article about the Suit of Lights.

A couple videos showing the craft of the suits:


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