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How To Cure Hiccups // Sam I Am I DoHiccups are a mysterious thing.  Most of the time, they seem to come out of no where.  A couple weeks ago, I was at a bar called The King’s Head in Portland, Maine, when a girl came down with the hiccups.  Like a medicine man, the bartender assured her he had the cure.  He shook out a several dashes of bitters into a glass; (enough to take one large sip), and then grabbed a lime wedge.  He told her to drink down the bitters, and then immediately suck on the lime wedge (which helped with the strong flavors).  The girl’s face was puckered in disgust, but she was instantly cured of the hiccups.  Crazy, right?



Last week I ran into the concept store Boerum.  WOW.  I was so inspired by the beautiful interior design mixed with the carefully curated specialty items.

Boerum // Sam I Am I Do.

Interior of Boerum.  I love the artwork on the wall.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Todd Heim Beach Towel // Sam I Am I Do.

Todd Heim Beach Towel.

Ben Mendansky Cup // Sam I Am I Do.

Ben Mendansky Cup.

Futagami Brass Bottle Opener // Sam I Am I Do.

Futagami Brass Bottle Opener.

Pat Kim Soap Cones // Sam I Am I Do.

Pat Kim Soap Cones.


Trick To Trimming Candlesticks // Sam I Am I Do.My best friend always lights candles before dinner, even during the most casual of occasions.  I didn’t realize how instantly dreamy dinner can become over candle light.  Definitely a “duh” moment for me.

So I recently purchased some vintage candlestick holders and found some beeswax candles at the Greenmarket.  Of course the candles and candlestick holders were not a perfect fit.  After a little research, I found that a vegetable peeler is a great way to accurately trim the base of a candle stick.  Simply shave the candlestick base by rotating the candle in your hand.  Be sure to check as you go!

A few other tips:

-If the candlestick is trimmed too much, warm the wax shavings in your hand and adhere back to the candlestick base.

-If the candle is too small to begin with, tape wrapped around the base of the candle can help.

-If the candle is too tall, cut the candlestick base with some plant shears.  This works better than a kitchen knife, because the shears use even pressure in two directions, rather than one.

p.s.  I’ve always liked these candlestick holders:


And I really want to order some of these beeswax candlesticks from Kansas City!